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Frequently Asked Questions!

What other expenses will I incur?

We will ask you to buy your own ISBN numbers. These cost $125 each or you can get 10 for $295. Each format of your book will require an ISBN. We have you buy these because whoever owns the ISBNs controls distribution of the book. We want you to have that control.

While you may choose to invest in a book website or outside marketing, there are no other required expenses.

Who is the publisher of my book?

The Ignite Press logo will be featured on the cover and copyright page of your book, but we will make you or your company the official publisher. This ensures that all royalties go directly to do. This also means you have complete control of your content in the future.

How much are copies of my book?

You can order author copies “at cost.” The price varies by cover (paperback or hardcover), interior print (color or black and white), and page count. For reference, a 180-page paperback with a black and white interior costs under $3 each plus tax and shipping.

Who owns the copyright?

You do! Ignite Press has no claim of ownership over your content.

Who has creative control?

You—within limits. This is your book, and we want you to be proud of it. Creative control is yours, but you may incur additional expenses or delays if you choose to go beyond our normal parameters.

How long will the publishing process take?

Most books are published and launched within 90-120 days of the date you submit and sign off on your manuscript. This time will be used for copy editing, cover design, interior layout, publishing, and launch.

What royalties can I expect?

You receive all available royalties. Your book is hosted in accounts you own, so royalties flow directly to you. The amount varies by distribution channel and is affected by print costs. Amazon pays a 60% royalty on paperbacks after deductions for marketing, printing, fulfillment, etc. For example, a 180-page paperback with a black and white interior that retails for $19.95 may generate a royalty of approximately $8. Amazon pays up to 70% on Kindles. Therefore, $7.99 Kindle sale may generate $5.50 in royalties.

Where will my book be distributed?

Your book will appear online worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker and Taylor, Apple iBooks, Google Books, Walmart, and more. The ebook version may appear on apps like Scribd, Overdrive, and others. It will also be available through the Ingram network, which makes it available to physical bookstores and libraries.

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Will my book appear in physical bookstores?

Your book will be placed in the Ingram network, which makes it available to bookstores and libraries on a wholesale basis. You may speak with your local bookstore to see if they will sell your book.

Who owns my book?

You! We publish your book in accounts you own. You own the copyright. You own the ISBNs. You own the book.

What if I want to make changes to my book later? Do I have to go through Ignite Press?

We send you all of your files and logins on completion of the project. You are not beholden to or held captive by us in any way. While we would love to assist you in the future, you are welcome to proceed without us.