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Marketing 101: How Building Connections with People Can Boost Book Sales

May 23, 20233 min read

As we all know, marketing your book is essential in getting its name out there and building readership. Marketing involves spreading awareness of it among potential readers as well as persuading people to give it a read - yet marketing goes beyond simply selling books. It's about creating long-lasting connections among individuals while building trust, developing loyalty, and developing a sense of community around your work.

Our friend, Alex Strathdee, puts it perfectly when he says, "Don't spend thousands of dollars on low converting campaigns driving cold traffic...spend months building relationships and serving people with small and large audiences."

Building relationships through marketing is

By developing relationships with your audience, you create a sense of shared purpose and community around your work. Readers feel invested in what they read from you, encouraging them to become advocates for it - which helps spread the word of its existence among more readers.


Here are a few important points to consider to build long-lasting connections with others...

Be Authentic

Building relationships through marketing does not involve being deceptive or manipulative - authenticity is at the forefront. By being upfront and genuine with your intentions and interactions with audiences, you can lay a solid foundation of trust that could last throughout time.

Authenticity also means being yourself. Don't attempt to present your book in ways it isn't, instead highlighting its unique traits to convey its intended message. By remaining true to both yourself and the content of your book, readers may appreciate its integrity more fully and become fans.

Consistency Is Key

Establishing relationships through marketing means keeping everything consistent across all marketing platforms: social media, email marketing, website content creation, and interviews, as well, as any printed materials produced for promotional use.

Consistency helps your book create an instantly recognizable identity, making it easier for readers to connect and remember it. Being consistent shows reliability and dependability - building trust while encouraging people to read your work!

Engage Your Audience

It's also very important to engage with your target audience. Relationship marketing should not be approached like one-way traffic; conversations need to take place both ways for any relationship-building exercise to work effectively. Your target market wants to feel heard. You can do this by listening and responding appropriately to questions, feedback, or issues raised. As a result, dialogues may open up that lead to lasting relationships!

Simply make an effort to regularly engage your audience by answering their queries or concerns through various channels like social media, email, and more - this demonstrates you value them and are investing in building long-lasting relationships with them.

Marketing a book goes beyond simply advertising it - it involves building lasting relationships with readers both current and potential that not only help sell it but also foster community spirit and create trust between you both parties involved. Being authentic, consistent, and engaged are key components in developing these relationships - doing this increases the chances that readers see, appreciate, and recommend your book to their networks.

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Sit down with International Best-selling author Everett O'Keefe to discuss your book idea and what a book can do for your brand and business.  During your consultation, you can discuss:
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